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All products are grown, processed and manufactured in India.


Hand processed, toxin-free and eco-friendly products.


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Extremely potent catnip varieties for your cats.


Hand-made and eco-friendly catnip toys for your furball.


Naturally grown catnip herb in our farm in lower and upper Himalayan region.

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How to use the toys?

These toys are filled with potent Himalayan catnip.
Gently press and shake the toy to release essential catnip oils. Wave it in front of the cat and let them enjoy.


Our hooman sis got us a new toy from Hriku. It is one of the best gift. It has Himalayan Catnip which is giving us the best time of our lives and is extremely safe. Our sis will bring more toys from them as we are fighting for playing with the toy.

Loved it!! 

Gatos de Dehradun

I ordered the ulook toy for my cat from Hriku. The toy was delivered promptly and packaged nicely. The toy looked very cute and quality of catnip in it was great. I could smell the catnip on opening the package. He instantly played with the toy. A great experience overall.

Tejasvi Pant


Thank you so much Hriku for coming up with this wonderful thought of making toys for our cats which have made life easy for the pets in difficult times. On-heat/post-surgery is the most critical part of any pets life. Toys made with catnip surely calms my kitties and eases out the phase. My personal experience with Hriku has been wonderful and I would highly recommend these products to all pet parents. If you love your pets sure you will understand their unsaid words.
 All the best Hriku.
Simran Miller


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