Catnip or Catmint is a perennial herb of the mint family best known as a stimulant for cats. Cats are attracted to catnip mainly due to a compound called nepetalactone. It grows in Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South-East Asia.
The Indian variety of Catnip, Nepeta Hindostana that grows in lower Himalayas is one of the most potent catnip varieties due to the geography and the climate of the region. Catnip is not only a great stimulant for cats it has immense health benefits for humans as well. 

Our Company


HRIKU means CAT in Sanskrit. At HRIKU we strive to bring happiness to pets and pet parents by offering toys with most potent varieties of catnip grown naturally in our farm, selected and processed carefully just for the bliss of your cats. Our toys are non-toxic, safe and provide stimulation to your cats for their enjoyment. 

With the aim of bringing happiness to pets
and pet parents through our toys, we create and offer quality products in the form of toys, treats, and furniture for your beloved cats.

In the cat toy market which has limited options and variety, we bring fresh new styles for your fuzzy friends. Your cats will enjoy the freshly processed and extremely potent catnip stuffed carefully in each of our handmade toys.

Our Team

We are a team of eclectic professionals with interests in design, vegetations, and crafts. Himalayas and love for cats bring us together in growing catnip in Shivalik foothills, creating beautiful designs and handcrafting toys aimed at feline welfare.

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